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From Africa, For Africa

Our Luxurious Range of Skin, Body and Hair Care products contain local and indigenous oils and extracts found in Sub Saharan Africa. Through this, we aim to support local development and industries, and to enhance awareness of the vast indigenous heritage contained in the local natural products which are so easily overlooked.

All products contain soft preservative systems and are paraben free. The oil and extract combinations used were carefully selected and balanced to create product that will entice the senses and enhance skin condition.

We pride ourselves in offering the best product and service to you, our valued customer.

Established in 1995, we have a wealth of experience in the Skin, Body & Bath Care field, and a vast amount of knowledge pertaining to the various market segments we supply and service.

Our Business is a Family owned and managed business, run by two generations, combining experience with innovation, proven and established business practises with new generation development and concepts, thereby creating an unparalleled field of experience.

Why not become part of the Quintessence Experience by trying one of our trusted products for yourself.

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